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Avon and Direct Sales

Tuesday, March 15 2016

Yes you can make money in Direct Sales.You have to want it. It is not happening over night, but with networking,building relationships and consistency it can be done, You have to Brand YOURSELF not the product you are offering. For instance, I am an ISR and Leader with AVON products. and have been for 6 years. What has worked is being consistent getting my name out. Everyone knows an AVON rep, but when they think of AVON I want them to think of me! So you can find me everywhere talking about my Avon business. To see the results you have to run your business as it is A BUSINESS, treat it as a hobby and those are the results you will get. Then there is the other side of Direct Selling and it is the team building or( recruit as it is often called) If your company offers that option, get in on it. Imagine if you had a team of people driven about the business duplicating what you do? Your business as well as their business would constantly be growing and that is where the residual factor come in. Just selling the product (AVON) gets you what I call *NOW MONEY* but when you start building a team , that is where you a establishing an INCOME. So choose what your WHY is and go for it. There is no right or wrong way, what works for me might not work for the next person. I do know that there is money to be made and it sometimes means we have to address our fears and step out of the box thinking. smile emoticon Welcome

Fundraiser is Easy With Avon!

Saturday, March 12 2016

Fundraising Opportunity: Does your child's ball team, your church group,a family in need or any other group need to raise money? AVON has a great fundraising opportunity for your group. Everybody needs bug spray and AVON's BugGuard is great and DEET Free. Contact me today for more information on a Avon BugGuard Fundraiser. Avon has several types of fundraisers, contact me to see which fundraiser will best suit your needs.